The Robin

As I was leaving my house this morning, there outside of my door was this robin. (Mind you it was just six o’ clock in the morning) I knew, and immediately felt in my spirit that God had placed him there for me to see, especially when he did not fly away. He was the…

Lord, You Always Protected Me

As I walked down the quite long street,and the sharp edged rocks cut, and scarred my feet… As I walked through the calm, cool breeze,and the beat of wind came around and chilled me… As I walked across the hot, torrid sand,and the heat of the earth poured sweat from my glands… As I traveled…

The Hidden Soul of King Richmond

(Common beggar approaches the castle yard of King Edmund Richmond II…) Beggar: Oh, King Richmond, can you spare me a coat? A coat that I can keep? A coat that was made of the wool from your delicate flock of sheep? Richmond: My son, I believe you have mistaken me for a fool if you…

The Pardoned Act

Redeemed from the countless acts of unimaginable guilt,the day displays her wretched signs.Soiled inside the lies through the error of constant filth,the eager virgin lies with sweat between her thighs. Quickened the arousal of some strange fellow,the heart is betrayed by the state of confusion.Through the lustful orbs inclined the sensation of the physical mellow,the…

Son of Righteousness

As the sun sets on the day, and night embarks for the new,My journey is made way, and my thoughts become renewed.May I go and speak with your wisdom,May I go and walk with your confidence,May I go and be an example of your love, and tender benevolence.As the “Son of Righteousness” shine,As I leave…

The Great Yonder

As I lay here and ponderI often think and wonderHow it would be, over there, in the Great Yonder. Is it full of life or is it not?Are the temperatures extremely cold or horridly hot?How long will I lay and ponderAs I often think and wonderHow it would be, over there, in the Great Yonder.…

Understanding God

(What Do You Not Understand About God) “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” 1 John 5:7I Kenya,“Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.” Revelation…

Pride and Humility

Separation is the conclusion of pride,Humility is the realization of unity.Kenya Hodge


“Delay ripens the fruit, but tests the patience…”🌱🌾🌽 Fruit becomes ripe in a certain time and a certain season. I am reminded that everything will come when it is suppose to happen. Just as spring fades into summer, fall fades into winter, but between it all, there is time. A time for building, a time…

The Greatness In Giving

There is greatness in giving…In a world that only takes from you, Make sure you give that which is good… “Be givers not takers Be helpers not breakers Be lovers not fighters Be sowers not destroyers” Kenya Hodge


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