The Robin

As I was leaving my house this morning, there outside of my door was this robin. (Mind you it was just six o’ clock in the morning) I knew, and immediately felt in my spirit that God had placed him there for me to see, especially when he did not fly away. He was the only little bird I saw jumping around that early. I saw him as a little messenger, and a little angel that came to tell me that change for the seasons are coming; from the winter to spring. Then I remembered a couple of years ago in February 2020 (right before Covid) God gave me a dream about some robins. I was in this house, and it had white painted walls, and there were two windows in it. One window was in a kitchen over a sink, and the other was in a larger room adjacent from it, only this window was much larger. I walked up to the smaller window over the sink, and saw many robins flying all around it. They were everywhere. Then I walked to the other room with the bigger window, and the robins proceeded to follow me over there. The robins flew over and around in a swarm. Then all of a sudden, I saw this huge white robin fly up to the window. His white was the whitest of whites, like that of purity, and He had a black beak, and He hovered in the midst of the other small robins. The black beak concerned me, because black is the color of darkness, sin, Earth, and affliction. He was looking at me, as He was hovering over the window. The bigger one was God in the midst of all His children, and even though He had a black beak, He was still there in the midst. If you have taken note on this world, things have been dark, and dreary, but a new day is coming! The Robin represents new growth, restoration, hope, rebirth, and new beginnings when things have dwindled over the winter. My hope is that the Robin beckons you on your journey, and you allow God to guide you on your path. Whatever you may encounter in this life know that God is in the midst of it, and He is always with you! God has all the “new and renewal” for your life in Jesus Christ if you accept the call. Everyone will not take the road less traveled, but will you?

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