The Hidden Soul of King Richmond

(Common beggar approaches the castle yard of King Edmund Richmond II…)

Beggar: Oh, King Richmond, can you spare me a coat? A coat that I can keep? A coat that was made of the wool from your delicate flock of sheep?
Richmond: My son, I believe you have mistaken me for a fool if you think I would spare any of my precious wool!

Beggar: Oh, King Richmond, well can you spare me some shoes? Some shoes that I can put on now? Sturdy shoes that is made of the leather from your refined herd of cows.
Richmond: My son, my son, I do not ever think it will come together, where I can spare any of my precious leather.

Beggar: Hmmm…Oh, King Richmond, can you give me a nice clean shirt? A shirt that would cover my back? I know you ought to have the material from the cotton in your cotton patch?
Richmond: My son, I believe you have forgotten, if you think I would give away any of my precious cotton.

Beggar sighs aloud…

Beggar: Oh, King Richmond, well what can you spare? Have you anything my poor little soul can wear?
I am just a humble beggar, I have no money. I cannot even buy a small packet of honey.

Richmond grunts aloud

Richmond: Listen my son and listen well of this true story I will tell…
There once was a small soul with one peg leg. He went round all day, and he begged, and he begged.
He aimed for kingdoms, ones like this, each castle he saw he did not fail to miss.
He came to me looking all dirty and dingy, for he did not know that King Richmond was quite stingy.
He begged for food, clothes, and even packets of honey. My guards showed pity, and pitched him money.
But I, King Richmond, known to all for my pride and high living, for I clothes my castle doors every Thanksgiving!

Beggar sighs aloud…

Well! Well! Well, King Richmond! I guess there is nothing I can do. I have tried everything I could to persuade you. I will leave you now and wish you well, because that attitude will get you a trip to hell!

Richmond laughs a sinister laugh…

Richmond: Oh well, bye bye you hardy beggar and I hope that you stay well! How dare you tell me I will go to hell!
I guess you did not know that amongst this place, lives something dark and deep in front of your face!
I am the darkness; I seek no light! I am the persuader that starts all fights! I am the magician that cast evil in the night!
You are now my prisoner, and you will be here forever! For I am he; the hidden soul of the devil!

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