The Pardoned Act

Redeemed from the countless acts of unimaginable guilt,
the day displays her wretched signs.
Soiled inside the lies through the error of constant filth,
the eager virgin lies with sweat between her thighs.

Quickened the arousal of some strange fellow,
the heart is betrayed by the state of confusion.
Through the lustful orbs inclined the sensation of the physical mellow,
the journey cascades within the young maiden’s illusion.

The encounter unfolded to the mercy of measures,
their bodies plagued with climatic satisfaction.
All soon faded from glory to grace in a mask full of pleasures,
Promises of maintaining an arrogance of its subtle attraction.

Dragged to a land of an uncertain sexual crave,
the innocence speaks with hopeful feelings compiled.
Consensual in nature being pulled to a path of an uncharted grave,
as the cinematic ending draws close leaving a soul defiled.

Unwanted notions of void settled without an ending or closure,
not to be returned in a distinctive love letter unopened.
An act which was pardoned and the sweet nectar that was stolen,
placed on an ivory parchment that was open for exposure.

Brokenness ascended and intentions were made laden
the emptiness that plagued on the souls attire.
Sympathy grieved within the heart of this sadden maiden,
the fruitless act of love only fed a lustful desire.

Kenya Hodge

“At some point in our lives, we all long for unconditional acceptance and closeness. We want to be cared for, known, understood, and loved for who we are…”

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