Purpose Mentality

You all have a Divine purpose in this life from the Creator God. You must be willing to seek Him in finding and fulfilling it. How you seek that Divine will is up to you. Your mental perception plays a role in it’s conception, and completion of your destiny. You either have a chicken mentality, a pigeon mentality, a vulture mentality, or an eagle mentality.

Chickens flap their wings, but they never fly. They stay on ground pecking, complaining, and soon give up never trying.

Pigeons fly, but are to afraid to fly past the overpasses. They only go so high, then become complacent, and often times they settle.

Vultures fly high, but they fly so they can look out for those who are weak. They pick and devour on the the high hopes of others, only to criticize those with big dreams.

On the other hand, eagles fly high, they have good vision, they do not back down from a fight, and they poses vitality and courage. Eagles are not afraid of storms; they fly through them with the grace that God gives them. We are all given this opportunity to be high flyers, through the works Jesus Christ! God created us all to exceed and to excel. And, through Christ, who gives strength, we will have victory!

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Philippians 4:13

It is His desire that all men come to the knowledge of Him by faith. So be strong, be courageous, trust and believe you where created to succeed!

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