Jesus Had a Little Lamb

Jesus had a little lamb
By His Blood, it’s fleece was white as snow
Everywhere that Jesus went
The little lamb was sure to go
It follows Jesus day by day
Which is not a part of the world’s way
It helps the others see and say
He is our Potter, and we are His clay.

The enemy tried to turn it around
Tried to make the little lamb run away in fear
But now it awaits patiently about
For soon the Good Shepherd to appear
It ran to Him and there it laid
It’s head upon His mighty arm
The Good Shepherd replied, “Be not afraid,”
“I’ll shield you from all evil and harm.

What makes the little lamb love Jesus so
The others did question why
“Oh Jesus loves His little lambs you know”
The true witnesses did reply
And you, each tender precious sheep
In His Holy confidence you will find
That the Good Shepherd always takes care of His sheep
And He is always so loving and kind.

In John 10:11, Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.”

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